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NittoPhase™ HL

Revolutionary New Support with Loading Capacity up to 400 µmol/g for DNA & RNA Synthesis

  • High Loading Capacity
    Novel design enables the highest loading capacity of any solid support on the market, resulting in potential synthesis yields at unprecedented levels.
  • Reduce Oligonucleotide Synthesis Costs
    High loading allows greater synthesis scale per column volume, delivering outstanding synthesis cost savings.
  • Superior Flexibility
    Synthesize RNA, longmers and other modified molecules at higher loadings than ever before.
  • Proven Performance
    Performance has been thoroughly tested, showing consistently high yields and improved purity profiles across a range of sequences.
  • Highest Quality
    NittoPhase™ HL products are manufactured under cGMP guidelines. Kinovate provides you with all the documents you need to file with regulatory agencies.

The Bottom Line

Shortly after its launch in 2004, NittoPhase™ became the leading solid support in the therapeutic oligonucleotide market, with established results in commercial synthesis up to 600 mmol scale. With the introduction of NittoPhase™ HL, high loading support, Kinovate has redefined the boundaries of solid phase oligo synthesis.

The groundbreaking high loading capacity of NittoPhase™ HL enables greater synthesis scales per column volume with superior yields and purities that customers have come to expect from NittoPhase™, allowing significant savings in overall synthesis costs.

NittoPhase™ HL DNA Trace

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