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Product Description

NittoPhase™ solid support utilizes state-of-the-art polymer synthesis capabilities to provide a solid support for therapeutic oligonucleotide synthesis offering the highest available performance at a greatly reduced cost. The superior properties of Nitto’s proprietary formulated cross-linked polystyrene structure deliver increased yields with greater purity at lower unit cost. NittoPhase™ thus delivers a positive impact on both the overall cost and quality of both small and large scale oligonucleotide synthesis.


  • Superior synthesis yield
  • High loading capacity
  • Exceptional full length purity
  • Lower back-pressure
  • Cost effectiveness
  • Secure manufacturing and supply
  • Custom load capability
  • Suitability for packed-bed synthesizers such as ÄKTA Oligopilot & OligoProcess


NittoPhase™ is available as a fully derivatized support, loaded to customer specifications.

  • Polymer Matrix - Cross linked polystyrene
  • Functionality - Hydroxyl group
  • Average Particle Size - 90 µm
  • Average Pore Size - 55 nm
  • Dry Volume - 2.95 ml/g
  • Optimal Loading - 200 µmol/g
  • Swelling Volume (in acteonitrile) - 4.0 ml/g
  • Swelling Volume (in toluene) - 6.4 ml/g


Nitto Denko Corporation and its subsidiary Nitto Denko Technical Corporation, a dedicated research and development facility in Oceanside, CA, have applied their unparalleled polymer synthesis expertise to create a solid support product that will deliver higher performance at a lower cost to users. Nitto’s in-house manufacturing and nucleoside loading facilities have the capability to produce supports from laboratory to commercial scale, tailored precisely to customer requirements.

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